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Patio & Entertainment Areas 

Your Outdoor Living Space

Natural Stone

Indian Stone is one our most popular products. It is very much affordable and almost certainly gives your property an atheistic boost.

Our most popular colours are;

- Grey/Silver Indian Stone

- Raj Blend Indian Stone

- Rippon Indian Stone (the colourful one!)

If you look through the photos you can almost tell straight away which Is which! Call us today and book your appointment for your FREE no obligation quotation.


The Porcelain we install are absolutely beautiful. We offer a variety of colours in our porcelain range. This product has become a lot more affordable which has made it very popular.  75% of the patios we install are now porcelain.

If you're wanting to give your house a modern look and a maintenance free garden then this is the product for you.

All of the porcelain we install has an R11+ rating (anti-slip) and is all installed to the highest possible standard.

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